5 ways you can become a better Graphics Designer

By Shaheryar Ehsan

According to recent statistics, the average pay of a graphics designer in the U.K can vary between £15,000 to £19,000 per annum. We are talking about entry-level designers btw, as you get more experience, your skills ultimately grow and this particular domain finds its application in almost every business segment whether it is UI/UX designing for apps or designing creatives for marketing agencies and more.

People think graphics designing is difficult but it’s all about doing something original and at the same time have fun accomplishing it. To achieve perfection, you need experience. Let’s explore how can graphics designers improve their skills and create better content:

Take inspiration from already made content

One of the best ways to improve your design sense is to critically analyze already made graphics and images in the field you are currently in. Suppose you are going to create a social media graphic for a restaurant, go to the competitors’ handles and see what they are making. This will give you a bunch of ideas to try out for your own graphics and you will ultimately get experience regarding the dos and don’ts while designing.

Prefer Simplicity where possible

When you are making your graphics, always keep in mind to never overdo anything. Simplicity in graphics designing will help you go far. If you take into account any creatives made by tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung etc, they all have one thing in common and that is simplicity. The main focus is always on minimalism and keeping the overall design simple, this is exactly what attracts users.

Sync Colors and Fonts with Pictures

Many at times graphics designers make great concept banners but they forget to sync the colours with the picture in the background. The same thing applies to fonts, there are particular fonts which you should always use for headings and others for the caption. Everything should sync in order to look appealing to the viewers.

Experiment and Get Feedback

To improve your skills and have proper hands on to the tools of graphics designing which include but are not limited to the paid Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or the free GIMP, you will be creating lots and lots of throwaway creatives. These will set a benchmark for you. My advice to you all is when you start creating your graphics, upload them on Behance.net to document your journey. Let’s say after 3 to 4 months or so, you look back and see, you will understand and appreciate how far you have come after the first time you started graphics designing.

Choose a particular niche and perfect it

Graphics Designing in itself is a very diverse field. There are many sub-domains in which you can specialize in, whether it is creating social media templates to UI/UX designing of apps to logo designing and more, you have to choose a certain niche and perfect it. This is a pretty much standard in all fields and hence also applies to graphics designing. Being a Jack of all Trades is good but specialization is ultimately what will land you a job or a contract.

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