Utilizing the MVC Approach to create interactive web pages

By Shaheryar Ehsan I Haque

The model-view-controller approach is being used throughout the web for creating immersive pages. Popular languages like Django, ASP.NET and others are being used for MVC development and the reason is the robustness compared to linear programming languages. MVC is used in other places of software engineering as well and it is a widely accepted practice for development.

The MVC approach encompasses three essential components:

  • Model which represents the information (the data) of the application and the business rules used to manipulate the data.
  • View which contains objects used to render the appearance of the data from the model in the user interface. Fundamentally, we will be discussing the user interface here.
  • Controller which encompasses the objects controlling the overall interaction of the user with the system being designed.

Before we further delve into how this approach should be used, we need to understand what immersive and interactive web pages are: Web Pages with interactivity and animations which make the content stand out are known as Immersive Web Pages. There are many different examples of how this works, for instance, Google initially offered suggestions and automatic search results as a user were typing on the search bar. In essence, this grabs the attention of the user since the webpage is what you can say “alive.”

Take our home page as another example, as you scroll down, all the different sections transition in. One particular section which indicates our expertise in various development and branding domains features a dynamic counter, which instantly appeals to the user.

Now the question arises, how is the MVC approach being used here? It’s really simple when we were designing our home page, we kept in mind what appeals to the general user. Since we primarily provide services, our “model” encompassed data and information that could be displayed on the homepage.

Next up we have the “view” part where we have to filter out and provide only the relevant information to the user based upon importance and relevance. In our case, we have highlighted our expertise and provide client testimonials to make sure you have full confidence in the services being provided. All of this is being displayed in an interactive manner to make sure the user is engaged and can easily digest the content.

To control the interaction between the data and UI, we have the “control” block which allows us to look after the interaction of these different entities.

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