Animation Services

Grab Viewer Attention with Animated Videos

Outsource an animation graphic designer to get stunning videos created to bring your brand identity to life. Graphic designers can edit and remake videos to bring animated or cartoon characters in a form of animation video. Bktronics can help you get a collection of video series defining your company’s values, products and services in the most affordable prices in the market.

Animation Services

Cartoon Animated Films

Does your business have a cartoon character that has been architecturally models? In that case Bktronics have a team of skilled designers who excel in cartoon animated films and can create a series of amazing animated videos that help target your customers and express your core message in a friendly and light design. Animated designing is an expensive and time consuming task that takes effort and a unique skill set that may cost a lot for a company to handle in-house. Outsourcing a team to help you build your animated media can help you get the best results in low prices.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are famous amongst presentable media where a list of services or the features of a product have to be defined. When it comes to a lot of knowledge or data its best to take advantage of whiteboard videos and convey the message to your target audience so that they understand the big picture. Bktronics can offer great whiteboard videos by outsourcing this task and get it done in the most affordable prices in the market. Whiteboard videos is the cheapest options for brands to introducing their product or services to the market by customizing the animations on a video and conveying a strong message with ease and detailed instructions.

Promotional Videos

Digital marketing is bombarded with promotional videos and your customers will demand for better and better experience as time goes on. Bktronics understand the important of promotional videos and how to make them stand out. Let our team handle the art of making amazing and compelling promotional videos by editing the big picture, audio toning, adding animation and graphics, trimming and pasting clips etc. Just let us know what you want to share and what core values you want to explore with your viewer and watch our experts get to work creating a beautiful masterpiece tailored for your company’s brand image.

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