Dedicated Technical Support

Technical Support at every level

Companies outsource work of all types, not just customer service. When there is work that can be done more efficiently or effectively by a third party, or you simply don’t have the staff or budget to hire a dedicated resource, outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution for businesses. With dedicated support, the scope is not limited to just tech support. If an issue requires a server rebuild or complex system administration, your dedicated engineer will be free to pursue it to the end.

We can provide a team to cover your tech support, pre-sales, and billing questions from your clients. The sales team can be available for eight to 24 hours a day. The dedicated technician will be working exclusively for you, so that they will be familiar with your services, systems, and clients. You can check with your team anytime. Your dedicated team can interface with your clients through email, helpdesk, instant messengers, and live chat.

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