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Today’s digital era has greatly revolutionized the way people plan their travel. Due to immense competition, the survival and success of Travel & Hospitality companies depends on customized services and exceptional guest experience, before, during and after the travel.

Bktronics understands that the hospitality industry is a fast paced and ever changing. Besides the operational environment with pressures on efficiency and recruiting, training and retaining the best talent, the industry today is faced with a clientele who seek an experience.

Our Expertise

Cloud-based scheduling solutions

Micro-services and third-party integrations

Native and cross-platform mobile apps

Highly-available systems

Native and cross-platform mobile apps

Labor management tools

Real-time booking platforms

Data analytics and machine learning

Virtual reality solutions

Why Bktronics?

Dexterity with micro-services

when it comes to micro-services we are the experts. Bktronics make sure that the monolith systems of businesses are refactor into a brilliant architecture.

Dedicated development teams

When working with Bktronics don’t worry about the deadlines. Bktronics provide the best ever dedicated teams to make sure all the work is upgraded and maintained and to complete your software development project before the deadline

Customer Satisfaction

For us customer satisfaction is our major goal. Our dedicated developers are dedicated enough to make the client satisfied with the software development project and to work with a proper environment to provide bug free services.

Agile development

Agility is vital for the fast-paced retail industry. Bktronics teams use continuous integration, Scrum/Agile frameworks, and other innovative methodologies to ensure fast development and market-leading quality assurance.

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