Visualized Development

JavaScript libraries cover varied software needs from front-end development and visualization to testing and work with data. Therefore, we have broad experience with applying JavaScript tools in our projects. For instance, AngularJS was used for auctions module development that is part of the Open Procurement solution. React and Ionic were applied for mobile application development. Such JavaScript libraries as JQuery, Backbone, NodeJs, and Meteor added structure, scalability, interactivity, and power to innumerable projects Bktronics has worked on.

Why JavaScript?

Rapidly evolving

JavaScript's ecosystem continues to evolve by the second. There are constant developments, meaning there is also an endless opportunity for growth.

Multi-functional technology with good speed

JavaScript’s functionality enables both client-side and server-side programming, which allows to create maintainable products. It has unrivaled functionality with a wide range of frameworks, libraries, plugins, and other tools that ensure continued support.

Enhanced interactivity and functionality of apps

JavaScript is used to make web applications more dynamic and functional thus enhancing the user experience of your product. It has a variety of front-end and back-end development frameworks which speed up development and time to market.

We are familiar with

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