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We know that each industry has unique payment needs. We’ve developed specialized solutions to meet the payment needs for your market. Bktronics specializes in providing a suite of general and bespoke, fully-automated solutions to its clients to help them run their businesses more profitably. Amongst the varied services, the Company is a dedicated hub for diverse types of Payment and Loyalty Solutions. Bktrnoics mission is to measurably increase the sales of our clients through superior program performance and a consultative approach to client service.

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We supply the necessary national and international payment solutions, as well as the relevant services for all major currencies. We find the best solution for you, tailored to your business model and target markets, enabling simple and reliable payment for customers while at the same time optimally protecting yourself against payment default. Our solutions are reliable, cost-effective and transparent. They can be easily integrated into existing IT structures and company processes

We are familiar with


PayPal is the faster, more secure way to pay online. It lets you pay for your favorite things without the hassle of converting currency. So it’s just as easy to know how much you’re spending as it is to spend it. It’s free to sign up for a PayPal account and to download the PayPal app to receive and send money to other PayPal users.


Stripe builds the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce. Stripe offers you a credit card service that behaves like you always wanted. No longer do you have to waste time setting up a merchant account and using a customer-confusing “payment gateway,” but instead can have everything up and running in five minutes or less.

Bank API

A simplified payment solution that is designed for whenever and wherever you need them, with premium features that help you run the business and protect our customers. Bank APIs is the best solution for fast payment processing. We call it an API, which stands for Application Programmer’s Interface.

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