Evaluated solutions with innovations

Bktronics helps transform this data into a strategic goldmine with its suite of high-performance, enterprise-ready data solutions. With our data extraction, integration, and warehousing solutions, we help media and telecom companies better manage their data to increase operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and react quickly to market pressure and innovation. We are uniquely focused on the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry, with the largest and most experienced team in research. We evaluate methods in telecoms software and the factors that are driving change.

Our Expertise

Mobile telecommunication technologies

Messaging services via SMS gateways

Telecom network solutions (BSS/ OSS)

Omnichannel telecom platforms

Web and mobile applications development

Full IT service coverage for mobile and telecom

Why Bktronics?

Dexterity with microservices

Bktronics teams build unique platforms that utilize microservices architecture. Solutions built by our expert developers with microservices are much faster to develop and significantly easier to upgrade and maintain.

Omnichannel experiences

Omnichannel delivery becomes a market standard in the telecommunications industry. We at Bktronics have vast experience in designing end-to-end solutions that ensure smooth cross-platform user experiences.

Dedicated development teams

Comprehensive telecom platforms require time to develop. we offer dedicated development team to be ready to match up all your customization and other needs and also helping clients stay flexible and extend team capacity along the journey.

Diverse tech virtuosity

Our tech stack includes .NET, Java, JavaScript, Hybris, Python, and much more. we are aware of the common challenges that mobile operators encounter with digital platforms.

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